Q & A

What is happening with the money that’s raised.

The money will be deposited in the account of ‘Friends of Soccer Development Suriname’ (hereafter known as Friends of SDS). The association will transfer the money to the Soccer Development Suriname foundation (hereafter known as SDS). All the money raised by our Friends is being used to make SDS a financially strong and healthy foundation and help build the Suriname Soccer Academy.

Is it possible to just donate money instead of becoming a member of the foundation?

The board members of SDS have been advised by professionals. And we want to have a professional approach towards the commitment of our Friends and avoid any problems both fiscal and legal. A membership is required by law and regulations. After paying the subscription there are no liabilities for you as a member. There is always the option to make a bigger contribution. It’s also possible to donate to Friends of SDS and not become a member. However to avoid any possible fiscal donation problems you may encounter we urge you not to donate more then € 2.000,- , $ 2.000,- or SRD 7.600,-.

By paying a higher registration fee you gain more registration rights.

Who are the board members of Friends of SDS

Our chairman is Ivette Forster and our secretary is Urtha Burlesson

How often will there be an assembly

There will be an annual assembly open to all members

How can I get in touch with Friends of SDS

You can contact us by sending a email to: info@soccerdevelopmentsuriname.com.

How much money needs to be raised

Right now we need every penny our friends can spare cause we still have a lot to accomplish. Our aim is to welcome 20.000 friends.

Why 20.000 Friends

20.000 friend equals €200.000. This amount will cover half of the soccer academy’s operational costs as mentioned in our business plan.

What happens if the required €200.000 is not collected?

One possibility is to appeal to extra businesses for their support. If somehow we don’t succeed to reach the full amount, we will still use the money collected from our friends for operational costs.

Does a one-off payment of €10 give me voting rights?

Your subscription gives you voting rights. However this right can only be used in the association and does not apply in the foundation.

Do I get more votes in the assembly if I pay more than €10?

Yes every €10 equals 1 vote, so €100 equals 10 votes and €1000 equals 100 votes.

Will I get proof of registration?

Yes, after receiving your payment we will sent you your personal registration code. This code will also allow you to login to the members page.

What will you do with my personal data?

We will use them to create a database which will allow us to keep all of our friends informed of our progress. This data will not be shared with any third parties.

Are there any tax consequences when I become a Friend of SDS?

Because you become a member of the association, without further obligations, there won’t be any negative tax consequences.

Is there a deadline for becoming a Friend?

You can become a friend of SDS at any time and you are free to make extra contributions even after your first contribution.

Can I subscribe someone else?

No you can not subscribe someone else, every new member has to agree to the terms and conditions of friends of SDS specifically. However parents or legal representatives can register their kids.

How can I pay my subscription?

Subscriptions can be paid by filling out the entry form, or by cash at our SDS head office in Suriname, Onyxstraat 52, MA Retraite IV Paramaribo. Entry forms can be downloaded by clicking here.

Do I have to pay an annual fee?

Yes by agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to pay an annual subscription in accordance with your first payment.

How can I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe you can let us know by sending an email to info@soccerdevelopmentsuriname.com. Please keep in mind there is a 30 day notice.

Can I become a Friend of SDS if I don’t have internet?

When you don’t have access to Internet you can pay cash at our head office in Suriname. You can ask someone else to download the form for you or you can call us ‪+597 7577 057 or +31 6 1495 0949. We gladly send them to you.

How do you become a Friend of SDS when you live in a foreign country?

You can still become a Friend of SDS by wiring your subscription fee to: SDS 310028210 SPSB

Make sure you leave your email and phone number in the notice section. After receiving your payment we will send you your subscription code.

In what currency can I pay my subscription fee?

You can pay your subscription in SRD Euros and Dollars.

Do I get a financial compensation if there is a profit?

No you don’t get a compensation.